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live at fort hood, with the latest on the shooting. and the investments. >> authorities believe that the suspected shooter acted alone, with no evidence of any outside help. >> reporter: fort hood soldiers described the scene of chaos and carnage, a war zone on their base. >> you thought there was people running in their own uniforms if they had to, to help compress wounds. >> reporter: when gunfire erupted, combat engineer howard appleby was on his way for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. he stopped it help the jmpletd. >> this was just busy, just like iraq. >> reporter: among the wounded, suspect nidal malik hasan, arm army psychiatrist, seen here in muslim dress, the morning of the shooting. some soldiers said he shouted allah akbar, an arabic phrase for "god is great" before
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killing. >> this was a kick in the gut. not only the fort hood community, but also for our entire army. >> reporter: 21-year-old private first class michael pierce pearson, set to deplay for iraq lost his life. >> that family lost their gem. >> reporter: hundreds were lined up inside the building to get vaccinations and have their eyes tested. but they weren't armed. the base commander said when the wounded tried to escape, the gunman went outside, and kept shooting. >> civilian police officer kimberly munly stopped the shootings, by shooting the suspect four times. >> i'm sure she didn't hesitate. >> remembering those who died in yesterday's three-minute rampage. >> the suspect's motive remains unclear. but the president and the army secretary again today, urged meshes not -- americans not to jump to any conclusions. live in fort hood, texas, i'm joel brown. and our complete coverage
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continues now with mike hellgren, who is live in montgomery county, with more on the suspected gunman's ties to maryland. >> reporter: major hasan was deeply reridge lig -- religious and spent a lot of time here and in prayer. those who were here can't believe what happened and they remember him as calm and polite. [ chanting ] >> reporter: major nidal hasan used to pray every day at this mosque in silver spring. and the only thing that made him stand out was his army fatigues. >> what happened made everyone heartsick. and everyone is just, you know, so -- feels so bad about the whole situation for the family. >> reporter: octor kahn knew him for years and was in shock. >> i said, no, he can't be like
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that. he's not one of those guys who has some kind of an agenda. he was an educated psychiatrist doctor. >> reporter: hasan was born in virginia, attended virginia tech, and for the past six years, worked at walter reed, caring for those injured at war. those who were close to him said he was quiet and kept to himself. >> i think -- struck me how easy it was for people to be operating inside the military bases. >> he is the one -- >> reporter: the imam addressed those who gathered at the cultural center for prayer. many worried about a backlash against their community. >> literally, hundreds of thousands of people have come through here. not everyone went out. >> reporter: many here wondered just what made nidal malik hasan snap. >> why a person like him can do
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something like that. what made him to do that thing? >> reporter: hasan's family said he had been teased about his last name and religion, particularly after the 9/11 attacks. at the muslim cultural center in silver spring, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. vic? >> actually, it's me. thank you very much, mike. complete coverage continues now with jessica kartalija, who is live at fort meade, in ann anne arundel county, with are in on the stress soldiers have to deal with when they are facing deployment. jessica. >> reporter: good news is all soldiers have access to mental facilities, weather they are abroad or stationed here on base. the officials here tell us that not everyone utilizes these programs. >> reporter: as an army psychiatrist, major nidal malik hasan was supposed to be helping fellow soldiers deal with their mental health problems. instead, he may have succumbed to the same predeployment stress. >> we all are responsible for
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keeping an eye on each other. the army is a family. >> reporter: colonel christopher castle is medical commander at fort meade. >> he's been learning as the conflict continues, how to better deal with these things and support not just soldiers but families. >> reporter: in addition to anxiety felt prior to deployment, 30% of soldiers returning from combat suffer from depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress. captain rodriguez just returned from a year-long deployment in iraq. >> having a specified task as a soldier and your mission, to then tackling all of the other things, the day-to-day things, the family life, and you juggle the responsibility of paying bills and going to work. >> reporter: after frequent rotations in iraq and afghanistan, soldiers are seeing an increase in the number of suicides and drug-and- alcohol related problems, on and off base. >> the army is in the process
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of hiring another 350 substance abuse cowrps across the board. -- counselors across the board. we're getting a handful of them here. but every base is getting more substance abuse counselors. >> and there is help available to military psychiatrists, as well. live at fort meade in anne arundel county, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, jessica. wjz now has the very latest on the mass shooting at fort hood. 13 people, confirmed dead. 30 others wounded. investigators are trying to determine why 39-year-old army psychiatrist, nidal malik hasan, who once lived in maryland, went on his rampage. president obama has ordered flags on federal buildings to fly at half staff until veterans day. wjz is always on. check in for complete coverage of the mass shooting at fort hood. for more on the rampage, the victims and the background to the suspected shooter, log onto and unfortunately, we have another mass shooting to tell you about tonight. this one at a business in florida. sally is live in the newsroom
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with the latest there. >> suspected gunman opened fire inside an engineering firm, where he was fired more than two years ago. police say 40-year-old jason rodriguez shot six people, killing one of them. all of the victims who were shot were on the 8th floor of the building, located in downtown orlando. a number of other people in the building barricaded themselves in, until officers told them it was safe to come out. about three hours after the shooting, rodriguez was arrested at his mom's home. when asked by a reporter why he did, it he -- did it, he replied, because they left me to rot. we have breaking news to tell you about right now. a serious accident in carroll county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain mike perry with more. mike? >> hello, vic. personal injury accident with rescue. this is in carroll county. gamber, route 32, at green pond road. apparently two vehicles, one, a van, that you see firefighters working on right now. a man is trapped behind the wheel inside this van.
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a second vehicle involved, also, was a sport utility vehicle. no word on injuries to that driver. but this rescue has been going on for about a half hour or so. medivac state police helicopter from frederick is nearby. looks like they're close to freeing him at this point. he will be transferred. this accident has completely closed route 32. this is between -- actually, between route 26 and 140. so it's kind of about halfway between finks burg and the west side of carroll county. so you can expect delays in the area. state police are on the scene, conducting the investigation. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. fight the flu. in tonight's flu watch report, more flu vaccination clinics are held in this state, but the state needs much more. weijia jiang has more on new actions being taken by some state leaders. >> reporter: maryland is still dealing with a massive shortage
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of the h1n1 vaccine. but the governor is already taking serious steps to prepare for when the doses do arrive. >> h1n1 flu is in every community in our state, every corner of our state. >> reporter: friday, the governor launched the first on the website. he also helped shoot an executive worker to help others in case of an emergency. the cdc reports the h1n1 flu is now widespread. and despite a national shortage of vaccine, the gap is slowly closing. a result of clinics like this one held in randallstown, where 25 young people received the flu mist. harford county also held a community clinic, at ripken stadium. >> we had a couple of things and i didn't want to get sick. >> i think it's good for the parents to do. and help with the safety of other children. >> they said it should be
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easier for clinics to schedule the flu clinics because they're now ordering consistent doses. as of now, they are able to treat about 24% of those considered most at risk. >> we put them in people's arms, immediately or up their nose, as quickly as we possibly can. we know the importance of vaccinating our priority groups and our constituents. so therefore, we take this seriously. >> reporter: the next mass open- door clinic will be held on saturday, in baltimore city, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the mount pleasant church ministries at 6,000 radecke avenue. as always, it will be first come, first served. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> and wjz 13 is always on. you can check in for complete flu watch coverage. for details on more flu clinics, along with important information from the cdc, log onto we have new information tonight, about the fire at a gas station that killed a young
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man. it happened earlier this week, along a busy interstate in frederick. mike schuh explains what investigators have now learned. mike? >> reporter: state investigators say that two of the three most common reasons for fires here at gas stations have been ruled out. and that they are safe, but basically, people need to use a little bit of common sense. >> filling up is so commonplace, just try to remember any of the details from your last visit. >> you don't really think about it. no. it's like a everyday occurrence. >> but it was deadly here in frederick. the fire killed 26-year-old ainsly gordon and has put a scary twist on an otherwise forgettable act. >> seems like a freak accident to me. >> there are cameras here which took part of what happened. such fires aren't unheard of. a similar fire happened in texas. the victim running through the flames, catching himself on fire. the state fire marshal says the pumps checked out fine. the victim didn't smoke, and his suv was turned off, which
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leaves static electricity as a suspect. >> hopefully we'll have something to be able to release soon. >> reporter: here's a perfect example of static electricity, catching the fumes on fire. notice how the woman adjusts her sweater, generating static electricity, so when she touches the nozzle, there's a spark. she escapes serious injury. >> if filling gas cans, always take them out of your car or truck and place them on the ground. it doesn't take much. just take a look at the shadow or fumes pouring out of this gas can. >> before you touch the nozzle here, it's a good idea to come up and touch where it's metal. that way, the spark is discharged, before the fumes are coming out of here. >> if there's going to be a spark, you want to spark to happen before you're fueling and there are fumes coming out. >> that's correct. >> so turn off the car and minimize static electricity. >> the way my father taught me. the stop the truck and never get back out of the truck.
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because there's static. >> reporter: static electricity is more common in the winter months. humidity is lower. and we're wearing more clothing, which rubs together, which generates those sparks. reporting live in north baltimore, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. constellation energy group closes a multibillion dollar deal with a french utility that caused debate for months. kai is in the newsroom with the final chapter. >> exactly a week after maryland regulators approved the $4.5 billion transaction, the deal is finally closed. constellation is selling half of its power operations to french-owned edf. the company will give a one- time credit for $100 to bge customers. constellation owns bge. it's not clear when rate payers can expect to see that credit on their bills. >> the public service commission gave constellation a march 30th deadline. >> it is a chilly fall evening across the region. a live look outside right now.
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a real frosty night is on tap. wjz has first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. >> clear skies and light winds tonight. that's what's going to cause very chilly temperatures. take a look at radar. there's nothing around. but a big area of high pressure siting to the west of us. and that means the winds get lighter and lighter. with clear skies and light winds, they've dropped down to 34. very chilly temps tonight. so cold in some areas, they haven't seen frost or freezing conditions. but they will tonight. tim williams has the details. >> as bob mentioned, temperatures will drop. and the freeze warnings issued for areas that have not seen temperatures below freezing so far this year. it's really primarily from the 95 corridor from the state line to frederick burg, from baltimore to frederick burg. and points north of that. and it's going to be in effect from 1:00 a.m. through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it is the dry air, the clear skies, the slight lightwinds, -- light winds, temperatures expected to get into the upper
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20s and low 30s. along that stretch shaded in blue. and again, it is really for sensitive crops and vegetation. probably this freeze will kill most of that. if you need to cover them, do it now. but again, this is going to be in effect tomorrow morning. and lifted by 8:00. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast. talking about a warmup under way, with bob in just a few moments. back inside. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. who pays? with her trial just days away, mayor sheila dixon's legal fees keep growing. will taxpayers end up footing the bill? if you get a knock on your door or phone call from the supposed census taker, make sure they're the real thing. i'm andrea fujii. i'll tell you how coming up. weeks before thanksgiving. and a month before black friday and holiday shoppers are already on the prowl. >> i'm gigi barnett. that story is just ahead. and get ready for a chilly night. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ♪ ♪
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(announcer) yoplait's perfect blend of real fruit and the goodness of dairy... just a peel away. explore all 25 delicious flavors.
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yoplait. it is so good. gift cards, intended for the needy, the mayor is accused of. it is the first of two trials. the expense is drawing attention. >> reporter: mayor dixon looks forward to vindication. >> a lot of truth will come out. and that's all i have to say on that. >> reporter: today, the mayor's legal fees are getting
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attention. some estimate or legal fees for trials, are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. and if she's acquitted, the city may have to pay it. >> right now, i'm focused on today. >> reporter: byron warnkin said it may present a problem for the mayor. >> i don't think jurors are going to find her guilter or not guilty as to whether it affects their property tax rate. but the reality is, politically, it's a big deal. because there's a big difference between her being found not guilty and the city coming up with, say, a million dollars, versus her being found guilty and the city doesn't pay it. >> reporter: mayor dixon and her attorneys are not answering questions about how she'll pay. >> my guess is the lawyers have gone into this with an understanding in their own mind. if we can win in this case, we will get paid. if we can't win in this case, we may have gotten paid something, but we're only going to get a small amount of what we owe. i have no idea of the answer.
6:20 pm
that's my guess. >> reporter: the mayor is sticking to her schedule until the time she appears in court. >> just making sure things are moving forward and focusing on my schedule for today. >> you maintaining your confidence in the outcome? >> i maintain my confidence every day. i take one day at a time. nothing is guaranteed. i take one day at a time and keep moving. >> reporter: as far as the jurors, acquitted, the city may have to pay the mayor's legal fees. convicted, the sta-- city will pay in ways nacan't be measured by money -- that can't be measured in money. >> as always, we invite you to stay tuned to wjz for complete coverage. mary bubala and a team of reporters will follow every impact of this case. frosty tonight. >> frost on the pumpkins tonight. but a warmup. as soon as the frost leaves, it's going to be a lot nicer. pretty chilly out there in
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some areas. down to 44 at bwi. winds are dead calm. the barometer rising. come back and take a look at the nice fall weekend after this.
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if you are so inclined to rake levers, this might be a good weekend to do it. >> and you have a sunshiny weekend to do it in. >> good. >> and warming up, too. tomorrow morning, it will be pretty frosty. most places, we'll show you why in a bit. temperatures this afternoon. we got up to 50. after a morning low of 34. it's 60/37 are the averages. and the records for this day, 77 back in 2005. and 22 back in 1991. oakland down to 36. 46, cumberland. we're at 44. 40 at the airport. ocean city. 42 down at pax river. it's going to be a very cold night. 23 is the dew point. that means the area is very dry. and typically, when you have dew point of 23, with clear skies and light winds, it's possible some spots may get into the mid-20s by tomorrow morning. right now, you can see the winds have really died down. early this morning, we had winds of 10, 20, 15, 30 miles an hour in some spots. and with temps in the 30s and
6:25 pm
40s, it was pretty darn chilly this morning. but with this wind dying down, the temps are going to drop overnight. but we won't have the wind chill to deal with now. clear skies pretty much most of the country to tell you the truth. another storm north and west. for us, a few flakes this morning in the adirondacks. they've moved on. low pressure off the coast. that's continuing to move away. but high pressure is building in. it gives us the light winds over the region. as that high moves off to the east of our area, high pressure building will get us clear skies tonight and frost and freezing conditions all over the place around the bay. except downtown areas, and close to the water, they'll probably stay just above their freezing mark. but plenty of areas tonight that have not yet seen the frost will see it by tomorrow morning. that high moves off. and here come the winds back to the west/southwest. that means much warmer air, moving in for tomorrow, saturday, sunday, monday. temperatures by early next week could be close to 70, just
6:26 pm
south of our region. wie we're may get into the mid or upper 60s with a lot of sunshine. it's probably the first weekend in the last six, without any clouds or rain for the most part. it's pretty nice. winds tomorrow, northwest by the afternoon, 5 to 10 knots. small craft advisory. just lifted at 6:00. bay temp at 55 degree. tonight, clear, cold and frosty. 30 is your average low. some of the colder neighborhoods will be around 25, i'm sure. downtown, about 37. and tomorrow, sunshine, warming up just a few patchy clouds, as warmer air moves in. high of 57, which is pretty close to normal even warmer. mid-60s here on sunday. about 68 in cincinnati for the ravens game on sunday. >> that's not bad at all. thank you, bob. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. flu fears. the h1n1 virus, hitting children very hard. now, there's a new complication that is causing concerns. violent home invasion. a cecil county woman hot shot in her home.
6:27 pm
the search for the gunman. the horror at fort hood. complete coverage continues after this.
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it is just before 6:30. 44 degrees and clear. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here's some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the man suspected of committing the deadliest attack ever on a u.s. army base remains in a coma. but doctors do expect nidal malik hasan will survive. federal agents want to speak to him about the rampage in fort hood, texas that left 13 people dead and dozens of others injured. there are reports he was angry after being told he was being deployed to iraq. complete coverage begins with kelly cobiella who has complete coverage of the wounded. >> it was a really scary deal. i've been nerves on end. >> reporter: steve bono's daughter kiara is one of the wounded, shot in the shoulder, while talking on the phone with her fiance. >> he could hear shots. he could hear her screaming. he didn't know what went on. and then he -- the phone went dead. >> reporter: the injured were
6:31 pm
disperlsed among several -- dispersed among several texas hospitals. while people lined up to give blood, distraught relatives tried to find out what happened. >> how do you know if they have a bullet. >> reporter: she said she never thought her daughter amber, shot in the stomach, could be wounded on a military base while in her own country. >> she said a soldier is supposed to help each other. >> reporter: stay tuned for complete coverage. for more on the rampage, the victims and the background of the suspected shooter, log onto in cleveland, ohio, the coroner's office is pleading for more help to identify the bodies of a number of victims found inside the house of a convicted sex offender. sally is live in the newsroom with the latest on the case. >> reporter: vic, so far, only three of the victims have been identified. 10 bodies have been found inside the home of suspected serial killer anthony sowell, along with the skull of 11 other victims. police have upperred families to come forward to -- urged
6:32 pm
families to come forward with the dna of missing family members to try to help with the investigation. >> sowell served 15 years in prison for attempted rape. a homeowner was shot to death during a violent home invasion, by a band of robbers in cecil county. now, police are searching for the killers. suzanne collins reports, the crime has robbed the sleep -- rocked the sleepy little city of chesapeake city. >> reporter: chesapeake city is filled with homes built in the 1800s. the quaint town attracts shoppers. but now there has been a violent home invasion and murder south of town. >> residents advise us that multiple suspects entered the residence forcefully, fired shots inside the residence, and did take property from inside the residence. >> reporter: the victim, 40- year-old terry mccoy, owns the
6:33 pm
home and lives there with her parents. police say there are at least two robbers, maybe more. they aren't saying what they looked like or what they took. >> reporter: chesapeake city has almost no crime, according to the sheriff's office. this is the first murder in this area in 11 years. >> i'm so sorry to hear that. i can't imagine, this town is so lovely and quiet. we leave our doors unlocked. it's just lovely. i'm surprised. very surprised. and very sad for the family. >> reporter: police say the family was asleep at 1:20 wednesday, when the robbers barged in. threats were made. then mccoy was shot in the chest. >> they have good investigators. and since there say murder involved, i'm they're not going to stop. >> it is quiet. it is beautiful. and we have been in this area a lot over the years. and i can't believe it. >> reporter: police got a 911 call from a woman whispering that shots were fired. and she thought the robbers were still in the house. even though police think the family was specifically
6:34 pm
targeted, people can't believe it. >> that'sun blable -- that's unbelievable. because this isn't like baltimore. >> reporter: now, the cecil county sheriff's office is asking anyone with information about the home invasion and murder to call them. 410-392-2180. three young men are charged in connection with an armed robbery in the parking lot of arundel mills mall. police say they robbed a cab driver around 9:00 last night. police were able to track the suspects to a nearby hotel, where they were arrested without incident. they face armed robbery and other charges. also tonight, three young men plead guilt to stealing cal ripken jr.'s number 8 sculpture. the men, two, age 20, and one 18, agreed to pay $8,000 to cover repairs. and they were also sentence said to community service and probation. it is time to be counted.
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portions of the 2010 census are already under way. and scammers are ready as well, hoping you'll give them permanent information. the better business bureau gives andrea fujii tips on how to better protect yourself. >> reporter: the federal government wants everyone to be counted. and participation in the 2010 census, as with any other bureau survey, is required by law. but the better business bureau wants you to verify who is asking the questions. >> are they, indeed, legitimate? >> reporter: scammers, posing as census workers have already struck some states. and the bbb wants marylanders to be prepared. >> what they did is most often get enough information, they could implement identity theft. >> reporter: the census asks 10 basic questions. bureau workers have already canvassed neighborhoods, in order to send out the survey. those who don't fill it out may get a personal visit. >> you can go inside and call the u.s. census bureau, and ask for identification.
6:36 pm
based on that madge number. >> they say their workers will always have an id badge. they'll never ask for your bank account or social security incomes. >> we will never ask you questions via e-mail. if you get those, it's a scam. >> reporter: and there's another questionnaire, called the american communities survey. only about one out of every five households receive it. but they ask for more personal information. >> questions like how much is your mortgage? again, you are required to complete the survey if you receive it. if you don't, a census worker may knock on your door. maryland workers we spoke to say they know better. >> reporter: in baltimore, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the 2010 census questionnaires will be sent out early next year, the data the government helps collect and allocate. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. meet the new mayor of york, pennsylvania. he is the first african
6:37 pm
american elected to that office in a city with a tortured racial history. some of the long gone but distinctive foods is baltimore's past. how chris chester has become a force on an improved offense. for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the update the forecast. thpg is still weeks away. but it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at many retail stores. as gigi barnett explains, retailers are looking to get a jump on the holiday season. and shoppers may buy into it. >> reporter: thanksgiving is weeks away. black friday is, too. but the holiday price wars have begun. in the crosshairs are shoppers. looking for the best deals. and this year, retailers say november is not too soon to shop. >> it's never too early for christmas. >> they get them in the stores in early november. they'll probably get them in december as well. >> tom is part of an independent watch group.
6:38 pm
last month tindustry watch groups had originally predicted a 1% drop in sales this year. but he says the figures may improve at the last minute. >> the economy is not where we'd like it to be. but it is certainly far better than it was a year ago. if you remember a year ago, people valued their homes and investment accounts were falling like rocks. unemployment is still a serious problem. but i think it is going to be better than people would have thought a few weeks ago. >> reporter: one reason? stores are offering new products. and some retailers are opening up shop. tom leech brought his son to the store's grand opening today. >> last night, at 11:00, he looked at the clock and said, oh, one more hour until the day it opens. so we had to make a special trip. >> reporter: but with so much special shopping, mcclela says black friday will still see a big draw because confidence among savvy shoppers is returning. >> people want to go out in stores.
6:39 pm
it's really happening. really is. although it's good business for the retailers. it's more consumers getting out to see what's out there. >> reporter: gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. retailers also believe they will see more shoppers this year because of pent-up demand. >> nothing like getting out there and fighting over a parking space. you know? still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. found safe and sound. the final chapter of a newborn baby who vanished for days. holding out hope. the parents of a missing virginia tech student, not giving up the search for their daughter. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. a sunny, dry weekend shaping up after a frosty night. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top storiesa the -- stories at at this hour.
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an army of volunteers began their weekend-long search today. a renewed effort. >> morgan harrington disappeared three weeks ago, while attending a metallica concert at the university of virginia in charlottesville. today, her parents added
6:43 pm
$100,000 in her own money to the crimestoppers award. the band metallica also added to the fund. it's a texas-based group that helps to recover missing children. last night, more than 300 volunteers gathered to work out the logistics of the massive search. >> search teams are hoping to recover a one-mile raidius around the area -- yaiduous -- radius around the area. >> they were live at dickinsons state. over 1,000 people packed the auditorium for the memorial. the women were believed to be on a stargazing trip when they accidentally drove their jeep into the pond. an emotional moment in florida, as a sheriff holds 7- month-old shannon dedrick. the infant was missing for five days before she was found by detectives in this cedar box, hidden under a bed in her aunt's home. police now say the baby's mother gave the child away.
6:44 pm
both women have been charged in the case and are in custody. the infant is in the care of the state. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch, children are among those hit hardest in the h1n1 outbreak. karen brown reports with wjz on a potentially deadly complication, which children come down with swine flu and encephalitis. >> reporter: anthony toratech's parents are glued to his bedside. >> i haven't gone since we got here. >> reporter: they almost lost their 4-year-old. when h1n1 led to encephalitis, a critical brain infection. >> it's like the worst thing you can ever think of. at a time like this, you just don't know what to do. you are helpless. >> you've been really good today. >> reporter: after a few days of fever, anthony's mom brought him to the e.r. at children's hospital of pittsburgh just to be safe. within the hour, they were in the intensive care unit. >> they did that cat scan then and saw the inflammation in his
6:45 pm
brain. >> reporter: just in the past six weeks, doctors here have seen five cases of h1n1 encephalitis. and they've never seen this with any other flu. >> it certainly is, you know, it's concerning. because most of these are the previously well children. this is part of the emerging disease of h1n1 that we need to better understand. >> reporter: after a handful of similar pediatric cases in texas this past spring, the cdc issued a report about a potential connection between h1n1 and encephalitis. it's now monitoring for cases nationwide. there can be long-term neurological damage. >> he's a tough little guy. >> he's a tough little guy. and he turned around really quickly. >> reporter: but anthony's prognosis is good. >> he's getting better. and we're happy. happy he's still here. >> reporter: but they're not leaving his side, until he's well enough to play with his toys again. >> reporter: karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, around the globe, the h1n1 virus has affected a million people. and thousands, more than 5,000,
6:46 pm
documented deaths, including more than a thousand americans. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. as the nation mourns the 13 people killed at fort hood, what else do we know about the shooter? and what motivated his deadly rampage? we'll have that and more tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, katie, here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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stir a chilly november evening across the region. will we get any more warmer temperatures? first, football with meteorologist tim williams is in the outback with a more detailed look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> this feels like football weather. certainly does. temperatures tonight get down to below freezing in many parts of the area. freeze warning in effect from 1 cloik a.m. to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures will start off around the 32-degree mark. with a good bit of sunshine through. we get into the mid- to upper 50s. and overnight tomorrow, back down into the 30s. for the next five days, here's
6:50 pm
bob. >> look at that sunshine, 65 on sunday. 67 monday, with sunshine continuing. throughout the weekend. there may be a few clouds of that warm air beginning to move in. all and all, sunshine. 66 on tuesday. cooling down. back to normal. 59 here on wednesday. partly to mostly sunny skies. denise? >> ravens are getting ready for the big rematch with the bengals. >> sports director mark viviano has a preview.
6:51 pm
[tv set] hey! i've been paused for 20 minutes. the wasted energy isn't pausing. hit "save" and save as much as $200 a year by turning me off. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at
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a crucial afc battle to the north. the purple birds travel to take on the bengals. sports director mark viviano has a preview of the game. >> they're in cincinnati to face a bengals team that clipped the wings was purple birds in a surprise defeat, four weeks ago. it sets up a payback scenario and a clash of familiar foes. >> reporter: first, there was bengals running back cedric benson, running right through the ravens for 120 yards, including this touchdown. and cinci qb, carson palmer, picking apart the secondary. this dt -- td path in the fourth quarter was the clincher. the ravens know all too well the rematch. >> carson palmer is one of the
6:54 pm
top quarterbacks in the league. it's go to be a challenge for us. >> going to be a tough match. those guys over there. and they're not just like a bunch of good receivers. they're confident. >> reporter: bengals receiver chad ocho cinco is lucky to be talking and walking, ever after this hit by ray lewis in the game. ray was asked about the image that left. >> yeah, the image it left on my doggone checkbook. no, it's -- i mean. the game is always going to play out. you know. that's what i do. just like what he does is catch the ball, you know. >> reporter: the ravens' defense is coming off a dominating game in the win over denver. and the offense seems to be flying by -- high. but these ravens seem to keep their feet on the ground. their qb is joe cool. >> win to win. that's what last week was. ic we played as well -- i think we played well as an offense and as a team. and that's good to see. we played well off season.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: mark viviano, wjz, eyewitness sports. >> don't miss the game this sunday, at 1:00 accident exclusively on wjz 13. 10 tis legend andre agassi is speaking out about criticism after he used crystal meth during a tough period in his life. he said he was depressed when he began taking the drug. he tested positive and lied about it to tennis officials who kept the positive result secret. he said he hopes people will have compassion for people with drug use. >> it could be just a problem. and i had a problem. and there might be other athletes out there that test positive for recreation drugs that have a problem. so i would ask for some, come compassion. >> and you can watch katie couric's entire interview with andre agassi sunday on 60 minutes. >> and we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs prime time lineup tonight at 10:00. followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us right now. we will be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station.
6:59 pm
don't go away, there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news tonight with katie couric. including complete coverage of the mass shooting at fort hood in texas. we'll have more on the suspected gunmen and the victims and the history behind this shooting. we'll take you live to new york >> couric: tonight, a nation mourns. >> i'll tell you candidly, this was a kick in the gut. >> couric: fort hood comes together. >> when one hurts, we all hurt. >> couric: and pays tripout to the 13 men and women who lost their lives. >> that family lost their gem. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, the fort hood suspect. scene wearing a muslim prayer robe hours before the massacre. new details about his opposition to america's wars and what could have motivated them to attack his fellow soldiers. captioning sponsored by cbs

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